"We must change
not only what
we learn, but
also how we

Today’s risk environment is expanding exponentially. Companies are constantly exposed to the potential of significant negative impacts on both end customers and profitability. Organisations are often reactive when it comes to risk identification and response management, or invest excessively in technology or consulting to solve their cyber security, risk and fraud problems. However, human error remains a significant contributing factor to avoidable threats that plague businesses of all sizes.

Reducing and managing risk effectively requires an embedded awareness and culture across the organisation– but changing behaviour requires an approach that stands out from the clutterand takes learning to employees in an accessible, entertaining and impactful way.

Risky Business is a customisable gamified learning platform that puts employees in the driving seat of a virtual version of your business. Through scenario based learning and business management simulation, employees will navigate the real world risks that impede profitability and hurt brand reputation – while competing with colleagues and peers to top the leaderboard.

For employees, Risky Business is an entertaining and fast paced experience that embeds the decisions and behaviour your organisation wants to see. For management, it is a highly customisable engine that delivers real-time insights into the human risk profile of your business and where to focus further intervention.